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A major impact "The Gospel Greats" program has had over the years has been helping to expose Southern Gospel music fans to the artists — their music, their testimonies and their lives. So it is with great pleasure that we are now able to offer some additional services to artists to help expand their growing music ministries. We'd like to help...

Song Ride-Alongs  |  Audio Production


Are you just out of the studio with a song you just can’t wait to get to radio?

Have a song you’d like to “test” on a number of stations before making it an “official” radio single?

Here’s a solution...

Each week, The Gospel Greats program is distributed on CDs and by high-quality downloads to almost 200 radio stations across the United States and Canada. If you have a song you would like to get to these stations quickly for their own use, we can include the song as an extra cut on our weekly program CD or as an extra file in our automated station downloads. The station can then use the song immediately upon receipt. With such a shipment, we alert the station with a special notice and include a full page of information about any such songs included (prepared by or for the artist). Stations love it because they get such songs “first!”  Many of our affiliates have asked for more such “ride-alongs.” (We call it that because, of course, your new song “rides along” on our program CD or with our program file package.)

(Note: This service is NOT meant to compete with regular radio compilation and promotion services, but rather is an extra “advance” service to get songs out quickly to our affiliates. There is no tracking or other promotion involved, other than as described above. Only “The Gospel Greats” affiliates, of course, receive this service. Naturally, stations apply their normal standards of evaluation to music received from this as well as any other source.)

Call 717-898-9100 for rates or write

"Paul & Shelia, just a quick note to let you know that your ride-along program is a real blessing.  So glad we did it.  I think it helped a lot... We feel like the ride-along got attention and helped us a lot with the song doing so well so quickly. Thank you.  We will be using the ride-along program again!"  — Big MO
“The song Ride-Alongs on Paul Heil & The Gospel Greats have given our songs exposure that has been invaluable. We are grateful for an opportunity to reach a wider market and have used this marketing tool for our radio releases. Our songs are charting and, though we could never promise that success to others, we totally recommend the ride-along for Gospel artists.” The Hyssongs


Paul Heil is the best-known radio voice in Southern Gospel music and his production style is thoroughly professional. All audio production work is recorded and edited digitally for top quality, just as is the case with The Gospel Greats radio program itself.

Although the amount of additional production time available is very limited, Paul provides the following production services to the industry:

CONCERT SPOTS. If you would like a high-quality radio spot for your upcoming concert, Paul can do it for you and provide the spot as a highest-quality MP3 file which you can forward to as many radio stations as you are using to promote your concert. Other non-concert spot production is also available.

     Sample Spot #1      Sample Spot #2      Sample Spot #3
     Sample Spot #4      Sample Spot #5      Sample Spot #6

Perfect! Once again! Two thumbs up! Thanks so much! There's nothing worse to me than hearing a sub-par, amateurish commercial on the radio. But when a quality spot like this comes on, it makes people tune in and listen. A quality radio spot contributes immensely to ticket sales, attendance and word of mouth advertising. Be sure and pass along to Paul a great big 'thanks' for returning his talents to God for use in building His kingdom!"
Tracy Crouch, Louisiana Gospel Promotions

CONCERT INTROS.  Pre-recorded introductions and announcements to be used at your concerts. (Heard on the "Jubilee Christmas" tour and others.)

RADIO SPECIALS.  If you need a program-length radio special about your artist, Paul Heil can produce and voice it for you. He has provided this service to many top record labels for more than three decades, including Word/Canaan, Daywind, Homeland and others.
(Requires an interview with the artist if sufficient interview material is not already on file. Accepting only a limited number of such productions due to time constraints.)

Call 717-898-9100 for rates or write

Note: These services are subject to schedule limitations and studio production time availability. Major projects are not usually accepted during November and December each year due to heavy existing production schedules involving The Gospel Greats program.

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