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From newsletter readers...

"Paul, your writings are only surpassed by your great 'radio voice.' God has given you such a fantastic gift... 'Shelia Shares' has become a collection on its own... Her down-to-earth and honest writings of her own personal experiences are a real encouragement to us and are sometimes exactly fitting for something happening to us here..."  — Bonnie & Arthur B.

"Your newsletter is really a wonderful event during the week for me. Every time it arrives it touches me somehow — a new slant on the Gospel, an encouragement to witness, a reminder of the heaven that awaits us, and the reminder of heaven on earth with Him who is with us moment by moment. God bless your efforts for His cause..."
— M. Matlock

"Paul's newsletter is one of the highlights of my week. It is always inspirational and informative." — Pepper

"Paul, your weekly newsletter is just the best! I'm on many e-mail lists — inspiration, encouragement, studies, etc. But every week, you and Shelia speak to my heart. I have shared your e-mails with many of my friends and church family..." — Hope D.

"I find your 'Paul's Epistle' especially enlightening and a blessing. I have used many thoughts you have given in my own sermons..." — Dale W.

Your little sermons (Paul's Epistle) always have a wonderful message each week that leaves me thinking about your words and being comforted by them as well. Those messages are what I look forward to each week. You have a gift for ministry and thank you for sharing it with so many." — Nancy S.

"Thank you for sharing. You always make me feel I am right inside every word you write.  Truly you are tuned in, tapped in and turned on! God bless you in surprising ways..."  — Rose Mary

"[Your jokes] are getting used by God just like the messages that you send out each week... My pastor visits the Lutheran nursing home... and has a service for the elderly... According to him the jokes are one of the highlights of the service for them... Keep the jokes coming!" — Sam K.

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