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Now you can register in advance to make it easier when you call!
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THE GOSPEL GREATS program loves to hear from listeners about their favorite songs. One way we do this regularly is by inviting listeners to call in and record an introduction to their favorite current Southern Gospel song for use on the air.  We use several of these introductions on an "All-Listener-Favorites" edition.  Then we use more of the introductions each week until the next call-in.

Thank you to all who participated
in our latest Call-In.
Please watch this site and listen to our radio program for details of our next Listener Favorite Call-In.

When you call during one of our announced Call-In opportunities, you will speak to a live operator who will ask for your name and address (so we can send you a prize if we use your introduction) and the station on which you hear THE GOSPEL GREATS program.  Then the operator will switch you to the studio where a recorded voice will tell you when to begin your introduction.  If you make a mistake, just stop and immediately start again. Your introduction can be something like this:

"Hi, this is (your name) from (your hometown and state).  I hear THE GOSPEL GREATS on (name of radio station). My favorite current Southern Gospel song is (song title) by (artist)."

Please feel free to add a very brief explanation of why you like that song so much or why it's so special to you. You may find it extremely helpful to write out your introduction in advance and then simply read it at the appropriate time, rather than attempting to ad lib.

Everyone whose introduction is used on the air (either on our All-Listener Favorites edition or over the next few months until our next Call-In) wins a $10 gift certificate from / 1-800-38-MUSIC
...Your Source for Southern Gospel!®

(For more information about Springside,
including how to request a free catalog, click here.)

Everyone who wins will be notified by email in advance of broadcast
(if an email address has been provided),
otherwise by postal mail.

Thank you for your participation!

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